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Call Dobi

CallDobi is a location based mobile app on laundry service in Malaysia.The centerpiece of this app will be the fellow Malaysian people who will be the main users of the app as well. People will be able to download this app from both of the world renowned platforms i.e. from Android(Google Play) and IOS(Apple Store) platforms. After downloading and installing the app, a registered person can knock CallDobi to pick his/her laundry at any required time and at any place, CallDobi pickup person will be there right at the doorsteps within ten minutes to collect their laundry!The person will also be inserting all the details of the laundry into the app simultaneously as well!

The users are also given the upper hand to view the status of their laundry through his/her CallDobi app. After all the processing being done, CallDobi delivery person will be there with the newly pristine laundry at the doorsteps of the users! and they wouldn't even need to pay for the pick up and delivery service as its completely free of charge!!


iOS, Android and Web


UX Research, Ideation, Wireframing with detail interaction, Usability, Mockup, Branding and Digital Marketing

Recent Work

Logo/Identity Design

They have looking for a mascot for their product and here is the output.

Recent Work

Research & Analyses

User Interviews

I began by creating interview questions for users (Hospitals, Hotels, Students and Residents) about their laundries. Through interviews, I learned that most of them don’t have time to wash their laundry regular basis. They are looking for readymade and automated solution for their laundries.

User Interviews

Process & Diagram

Site Map & Information Architecture

Based on research and designated features and functions list provided by the product owners, I organized the contents and created a site map to communicate what the app would contain and how each item would be laid out in relation to each other.

User Interviews


I believe in wireframe designing before start any project. You can download this wireframe as a PDF format for better resolution.


Please have a look at the following shots for final product.


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